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proderm was acquired by the SGS Group in July 2022.

SGS is the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company. Founded in 1878, the company operates more than 2,700 offices and laboratories worldwide. More than 96,000 employees strive to be the most competitive and productive service company.

The integration into the SGS Group will be completed via the name change from 'proderm GmbH' to 'SGS proderm GmbH' as of January 2023. As an independent, legal entity within the SGS Group, we will continue to operate from our location in Schenefeld. Accordingly, we will be available at the following address in the future:

SGS proderm GmbH
Kiebitzweg 2
22869 Schenefeld

Existing contracts will remain valid and do not need to be changed.

No, SGS proderm GmbH will continue to offer its services in accordance with the competence clusters Consumer Care, Medical and Scientific Consulting and will remain true to its focus of conducting clinical studies in the field of dermatology.

Of course! The SGS Group relies on the know-how and experience of all our employees. In future, your projects will be managed and implemented just as competently and reliably as you are used to from us. Your contact persons will remain the same and you can use the contact channels you are familiar with.

Existing contracts or agreements similar to contracts remain valid and do not need to be changed.

For the time being, the change of name to SGS proderm GmbH and the associated changes in our corporate design will have no influence on current license agreements.

For us and our customers, there are a number of advantages resulting from the takeover. Some of them are listed below:

Security and continuity:

In times of global crises and macroeconomic uncertainty, the stability and resilience of a company is an extremely valuable asset. In future, as SGS proderm GmbH, we will be able to offer our services from the foundation of a globally active major corporation with a history stretching back well over 100 years. As a result, your projects will be in even safer hands than they already were and our employees will be able to focus even more on the goals of our customers in the awareness of a secure workplace.

Service portfolio:

From now on, we belong to an international network of testing laboratories, most of them with different orientations. Within the business unit 'Health & Nutrition' alone, in which we are organizationally located as SGS proderm GmbH, there are more than 170 laboratories in over 120 countries. On the way to an optimal product development, it can be interesting for our customers to examine the service portfolio of the entire network with regard to possible efficiency increases. Of course, we will be happy to support you in this. Just get in touch with your contact person to find out more about the services.

Synergy effects:

We want to use synergy effects. On the one hand to increase our profitability, and on the other hand to maximize the experience you have as a customer of SGS proderm. Currently we are still in the integration phase. Nevertheless, we have already seen the first synergistic successes in the recruitment of study participants, the use of study equipment and the deployment of medical staff.

The mapping of additional services is recommended in the context of the product or market segment under review. As described, SGS proderm conducts studies in the areas of 'Consumer Care' and 'Medical' in accordance with its competence clusters. The business unit 'Health & Nutrition' of the SGS Group, to which we at SGS proderm belong to, is similarly organized. In addition to the 'Food' and 'Crop Science' segments, it is primarily the 'Cosmetics & Hygiene' and 'Health Science' segments that expand our competence clusters and provide interesting offers for our customers. The following tables provide you with a brief overview:

Cosmetics und Hygiene
  • Analytics, Microbiology, In-vitro
    • Physical and chemical tests
    • Microbiology
    • Stabilities
    • Ecotoxicology and degradability
  • Use tests
    • Physical tests
    • Instrumental tests
    • Packaging
  • Regulatory
    • Product declaration 
    • Ingredients
  • Product safety assessments
Health Science
  • GMP services 
    • Method development and validation
    • Nitrosamines
    • Cleaning validation
    • Quality Control
    • Stability studies
    • Microbiology
    • Extractables & Leachables
  • GCLP Services
    • Analytical clinical trial services
    • Central lab services

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proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS