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1994 - Opening

We find the perfect space for our facility in a shopping center in Schenefeld. Having potential study participants right on site and being close to the Hamburg metropolitan area are ideal for recruiting study volunteers. And the shopping center has room for expansion of the institute.

1995 - Topical pharmaceuticals

Just one year after the company was founded, we reorganize and restructure the business, allowing us to test not only cosmetics but also to perform pharmaceutical studies in compliance with the relevant guidelines.

1997 - SPF lab opens

We invest in and move into new facilities, where we can perform in vitro as well as in vivo tests on sun protection products.

2000 - We become a full-service CRO

By adding the departments Data Management and Statistics, we round off our range of services. Ever since then, we have been offering our customers the complete study process, concluding with a comprehensive report on the study and the results.

2000 - AP/DEO division opens

We perform the first studies in our new antiperspirant/deodorant area, with its own hot-room and sauna.

2001 – ISO 9001 certification

We are the first dermatological institute in Germany to receive ISO 9001 certification.

2002 - Hair lab opens

By expanding our premises we are able to open a hair lab, where we apply biophysical measurement methods to test the efficacy of hair care products.

2005 – The proderm quality seal is introduced

Since then, products that demonstrate particularly good skin compatibility may license the seal “dermatologically approved”.

2006 - Studies on oral hygiene

Dentists join our team of physicians and we invest in dental equipment. We have been testing oral hygiene products ever since.

2010 – Lab for clinical photography opens

To be able to take clinical photographs that are reproducible, standardized and have the highest resolution, we develop a lab for clinical photography: the USR-CliP (Unit for Standardized and Reproducible Clinical Photography).

2014 - proderm Academy opens

After several previous events and as a reaction to inquiries from some of our customers, we officially launch the proderm Academy. Regular seminars for the professional industry have been taking place ever since.

2017 - Branch in Elmshorn opens

The new branch on the north side of Hamburg enables us to expand our recruiting and be more flexible in the performance of studies.

2018 - Multi-center studies

We expand our range of services to include multi-center studies. Through our site network, we are always able to find regional partners for our studies.

2018 - 100+ employees

Our number of employees exceeds 100 for the first time. We consider our team the foundation of our success. This applies to past success as well as to our future development.

2019 - More than 10,000 studies

The number of studies surpasses 10,000 in our anniversary year.

2019 - The institute expands again

The new division 'Solaris' opens at our headquarters in Schenefeld. This is where we will continue to focus on studies related to antiperspirants and deodorants as well as to sun protection products.

sgs proderm

2022 – proderm becomes part of SGS

The global leader in testing, inspection and certification acquires proderm. As a global center of excellence, we maintain to provide high-quality research services within the SGS framework.

proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS