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Focused on cosmetics

SGS proderm Consumer Care specializes in conducting clinical studies with cosmetic products, consumer goods and food supplements. With our innovative solutions and quality-driven approach, we are at the forefront of this segment and are recognized worldwide as the strong partner for scientific proof of efficacy, claim support studies and tolerability testing.

We were founded in 1994 with the goal of creating cosmetic contract research that is second to none. With an inimitable combination of experience, scientific know-how, innovative technology and methodology, our Consumer Care unit lives up to this claim undiminished today, setting new benchmarks and creating a testing offering that is valued by international customers and used to develop globally successful brands.

SGS proderm is part of the SGS Group since July 2022. Within the SGS network, we are positioned as a European centre for excellent dermatological research. Click here for an overview of our SGS network services.

Your benefits as a client of SGS proderm Consumer Care

  • Full support from the aspect of the appropriate test procedure to the preparation of the final report

  • Consideration of your specific wishes and requirements in the development of the study

  • Agile development of individual test scenarios

  • Study execution according to various quality standards, guidelines and directives

  • Study execution in state-of-the-art laboratories, each of which is specifically designed for the testing of certain product types

  • Unique variety of instruments and methods, for example

    • Vivascope®

    • 3D profilometry

    • Raman spectroscopy

    • Line-Field Confocal-Optical Coherence Tomography (LC-OCT)®

Always a solution at hand

Many customers consider it particularly valuable to have a partner in SGS proderm Consumer Care who can offer solutions even for new and unusual testing requirements. This is already noticeable for our customers during the feasibility check: Our team of experts illuminates your project from a wide variety of perspectives and, if possible, develops initial approaches to solutions. By applying and further developing innovative technologies, we can also expand the horizon of target parameters and open up new testing possibilities for you. Through scalable recruitment concepts and expandable testing resources, we are also able to meet our clients' requests for study implementation at the shortest possible notice.

SGS proderm Consumer Care is an interdisciplinary team of experts that stands for scientific excellence, agility and extensive experience from over 59,000 tested products. These values are the foundation of our offering, the basis of every study we conduct.

SGS proderm Consumer Care - Your competent partner for testing the compatibility and efficacy of cosmetics, consumer goods and food supplements.

proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS