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Dermatological investigations of gloves

All over the world, the wearing of gloves is a daily routine, and not only for the protection of the hands. The topic of occupational safety, the influence of external chemical and physical influences, and the currently particularly important factor of hygiene are aspects through which studies on the examination of gloves are gaining in importance. Both skin tolerance and the influence on the skin barrier play an important role here. Basically, the various study parameters are important for authorities as well as for employers and the end user. In addition, there are some differences with regard to product approval, depending on whether the gloves are medical or industrial protective gloves. Within this framework, there are also various advertising claims and seals that are important for customer confidence and decision-making in addition to the study results.


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Study types

For the manufacturer, it is important and interesting to determine the compatibility or the effects of wearing the gloves on the skin. Typical questions in this context are, for example, 'How does wearing the gloves affect the properties of the skin', 'How tolerable is the product, especially when used daily' and 'How comfortable is wearing the gloves'?

To answer the first question, we offer tests with instrumental measurements that focus primarily on the skin barrier:

  • Examination of the skin barrier
  • Measurement of skin perfusion
  • Examination of skin swelling after wearing gloves for several hours
  • Photography with evaluation / image analysis

For the investigation of skin tolerance, there are classic patch tests either with a single application over 24 hours or even more meaningful over several days in succession (repetitive), for example 3 x 24 hours. It should be noted here that all product parts that come into contact with the skin are examined in the study.
In dermatological use studies, gloves can be worn even a bit closer to reality by a study panel that fits the target group. This type of study takes into account the following elements and also answers the third of the above questions:

  • Dermatological evaluation of the skin condition
  • Survey of the study participants by means of a questionnaire


  • Medical gloves
  • Industrial protective gloves

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