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Shavers, epilators and more

For consumers worldwide, removing body hair is a regular, sometimes daily routine. A basic distinction can be made between two methods of hair removal: epilation removes hair with its root, while depilation methods remove hair only superficially, i.e. without its root.

In home use, consumers often use products such as razors, epilators, wax or creams. In addition, there are permanent hair removal methods, e.g. laser or IPL flash lamps, which are often offered by cosmetic studios or dermatological practices.


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Study types

For the investigation of the efficacy of hair removal products, we offer different types of studies based on high-resolution and fully automated image analysis methods such as our USR-CliP, MacIS or the phototrichogram method:

  • Shaving closeness
  • Depilation efficacy
  • Permanent hair removal

In addition to determining product efficacy, it is interesting for manufacturers to have us determine the tolerability or the effects of hair removal on the skin. 'How painful is hair removal for the consumer', 'How does hair removal affect the properties of the skin' and 'How tolerable is the application of the product' are typical questions that we can answer with the following studies, among others:

  • Measurement of skin barrier properties
  • Evaluation of shaving related cuts (nicks and cuts)
  • Examination of skin blood flow
  • Survey of study participants
  • Dermatological evaluation


  • Wet and dry shavers
  • Depilatory creams
  • Sugaring
  • Epilator
  • Wax
  • Laser
  • IPL flash lamps

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