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Hair styling products

Hair styling is an important issue for consumers, who often perform appropriate treatments on a daily basis. A wide range of different cosmetic products and devices are used for this purpose. The tests and examination possibilities for testing these products are manifold. In addition to the durability of the styling, the duration until the styling result is achieved or the ease of use of the device, the suppleness of the hair, the volume of the styling or the heat damage, among other things, can be examined.


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Study types

For the investigation of styling appliances, we offer different types of studies based on tests with test persons or on biophysical methods on hair tresses in the laboratory.

A particularly realistic study on test subjects is the use study with questionnaire. This can be carried out both at home and in the institute. The result can then be evaluated by the test person, the hairdresser or the layperson (live or by means of pictures).

In addition to examinations of the hair, the scalp is increasingly coming into focus. Raman spectroscopy can be used to answer questions such as 'What influence does the heat of the styling tool have on the lipids and NMFs of the scalp?

  • Use study
  • Survey of the study participants
  • Evaluation by hairdresser or layman
  • Influence on the scalp

A wide range of parameters can be tested on human hair tresses in the laboratory under controlled conditions. On request, we test the durability of the styling at different humidity levels and over defined periods of time.

  • Smoothing effect
  • Curl durability
  • Volume determination
  • Suppleness
  • Friction forces
  • Heat damage
  • Heat distribution
  • Anti-static effect

The efficacy of the styling tools can be studied on different hair types, such as Caucasian, Asian or African hair.


  • Hair dryer
  • Straightening iron
  • Straightening with steam
  • Curling iron
  • Hot air brushes
  • Curlers

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