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Decorative cosmetics in testing

Decorative cosmetics primarily serve to change the external appearance in terms of increasing attractiveness. Products such as foundation, eyeliner and lipstick are intended to conceal specific minor blemishes or emphasize their advantages. We investigate the efficacy of these products through so-called “evaluator studies” in which clinical photos are taken before and after use with the test product. The corresponding blinded image pairs are then rated by randomized evaluators for parameters such as “Radiant Appearance”, “Appeal” or “Even Appearance”.

Study types

Often, not only one specific aspect is investigated, but a combination of several parameters and claims at the same time. For this reason, we determine the optimal study design and clinical set-up from project to project. Most likely, at least one of our numerous imaging systems will be used and an image analysis will be performed in different areas such as face, eyes or nails. In addition, the evaluation may include a clinical assessment.

Extract of parameters that can be evaluated:

  • Mattifying effect
  • Shine
  • Attractiveness
  • Éclat du teint
  • Mascara- single eyelash
  • Mascara- water resistance
  • Shine determination for nail polish
  • Duration of effect
  • Contact resistance

In addition, the aspect of 'well-being' may be added to the testing of decorative cosmetics. This will allow you to address an issue that is more and more in the centre of the attention of the cosmetic industry.


  • Make-up
  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Eye-liner
  • Eye corrector
  • Nail polish
  • Nail gloss
  • Lip gloss

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