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Efficacy skin microbiome

Our skin is home to a complex ecosystem of bacteria, fungi and viruses called the skin microbiome. If it is healthy and in balance, it contributes decisively to the protection and resilience of the skin. The use of cosmetic products and their effect on the skin microbiome is an area of increasing research. The number of products available on the market with claims of efficacy such as 'microbiome-friendly' is increasing rapidly, as is consumer awareness of the importance of an intact skin microbiome.

The marketing of cosmetic manufacturers is usually either focused on not changing a given microbiome or on restoring it. We can support such claims of efficacy with appropriate studies. In addition, we offer the licensing of our 'microbiome-friendly' seal, which supports the positive effects of your product in the communication to the consumer.


studies conducted


subjects enrolled

Study types

  • Preservation of the natural skin microbiome
  • Improved regeneration of the skin microbiome
  • Microbiome effects of e.g. preservative systems, deodorants, surfactants, light filters
  • Seal: Microbiome friendly


  • Cosmetic care products
  • Skin cleansing products
  • Hair care products
  • Active ingredients

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