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Following the expansion of our institute with the ‘Solaris’ unit, which we opened on 27 May 2019, the modernisation of our ‘Luna’ area is now taking shape piece by piece. “Despite all the challenges presented by the pandemic and by modernizing the unit while continuing its operations, we are currently fully on schedule and we are confident that the modernisation will be completed in July of this year,” says Jan Wilhelm, who is leading the renovation at proderm.

Gradual modernisation

Our ‘Luna’ unit at the Schenefeld shopping centre is the place where we took our first steps as a contract research institute with our foundation in 1994. Back then, it was just a handful of employees who carried out the first studies on a small part of the area that is now available there today. In parallel with the growth of the company, ‘Luna’ expanded bit by bit over the years: extra rooms, occasionally with separate building services, were added as time went on. Over time, a well-functioning unit, albeit from a technical and infrastructure perspective not always optimally set up, came into being.

That is why we are currently undertaking a gradual modernisation of ‘Luna’. To continue operations and avoid interfering with the studies being carried out, the project has been divided into four construction phases. The goal is to homogenise the separate building services that developed over the years and, in the process, renovate the premises. We will take the following measures:

Replace the ventilation systems

Even before Covid-19, we knew how important it was to have fresh air in the room. Nonetheless, now, against the background of the challenges of the pandemic, it is a great advantage if the supply of fresh air to individual examination rooms can be configured centrally.
We have replaced the different ventilation systems at ‘Luna’ with state-of-the-art ventilation technology that allows us to have such a configuration. At the same time, the system is energy-efficient and equipped with the latest filter materials.

Renovate the examination rooms

All the examination rooms will be completely modernised in terms of heating, electrical equipment, floors and data cables. Along those lines, a much more sustainable cooling system for regulating the ambient temperature will be installed. This system works with a water chiller and eliminates the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants.

Air-conditioning technology

The wide majority of examination rooms at ‘Luna’ will now be connected by a smart building control system which makes it possible to centrally regulate the temperature and humidity of the rooms. With this, we can further expand our capacity to carry out fully air-conditioned studies.
At the same time, we are increasing our independence from the district heating network by integrating two gas water heaters.

Special case I: Clinical photography

We are moving into a new room at ‘Luna’ with our USR-CliP. From now on, it will be possible to carry out photo-based studies in which our USR-CliP system will be used in a fully air-conditioned space.

Special case II: Oral care studies

In the future, we will have a specially designed room for studies on oral care products, our ‘Oral care lab’. It will be equipped with a professional dentist’s stool, a number of washbasins to perform oral hygiene and with the appropriate lighting and implements for a dental inspection.

After the development of ‘Solaris’, the modernisation of ‘Luna’ fits seamlessly into a series of measures designed to further optimise our services. These also include the expansion of our ‘Elmshorn’ unit and the growth of our network of external study centres. We will send you more detailed information on these topics in due course.

proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS