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proderm invests a six-digit amount in the expansion of its 'Elmshorn' site, thereby increasing its performance in the conduct of clinical studies.

In addition to its headquarters in Schenefeld near Hamburg, proderm has had a further 'study site' in Elmshorn, located northwest of Hamburg, since 2017, which to date has focused on conducting axilla odor tests and patch studies.

Just in time for the site's fifth anniversary, proderm has expanded the Elmshorn facility to include two climatized study rooms, a waiting area and an additional office. "The addition of climatized areas allows us to conduct a variety of additional study types as well as perform instrumental measurements under climatized conditions,' says Frederike Falk, site manager.

The new premises cover a total of 80m2. This brings the total size of the unit to 310m2. In conjunction with the headquarters in Schenefeld, well over 2900 m2 are thus available for conducting clinical trials.

In most cases, a trial is conducted in either one or the other site. Sometimes, however, we use both sites simultaneously to conduct a study if, for example, the inclusion criteria of the trial make this seem reasonable or ambitious timelines are to be realized.

Since the commissioning of the expansion in Elmshorn, studies on baby care and diabetes have already been conducted in addition to the standard tests of the unit, and a kinetics is currently being planned.

proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS