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After successful deployment and internal investigations into further possible applications, we acquired the LC-OCT device from the French manufacturer Damae Medical, thereby decisively strengthening our service in the field of image-based examinations in clinical studies.

LC-OCT is considered a revolution in the field of imaging techniques, as it combines the advantages of the innovative methods 'confocal microscopy' and 'optical coherence tomography' into a unique technology that thus provides a live horizontal and vertical view into the uppermost layers of the skin. Insights derived from this can be applied in particular in the field of anti-aging efficacy as well as the investigation of differences in skin structure due to skin diseases.

Real added value in clinical trials

"We want to offer our clients innovative added value. With LC-OCT technology, we can create images of the skin that cannot be produced by any other technology. This fits well with our approach of using cutting-edge technologies in the testing of the products entrusted to us and thereby increase the benefits for our customers", says Marianne Brandt, COO at proderm.

The investigations can be visualized in an innovative and indeed unique way. This results in new approaches in the analysis and marketing of the final product. Can a product reduce the signs of skin aging? This can be answered, for example, by measuring the topmost skin layer thicknesses, age spots or the "dermal-epidermal junction".Does a product have an influence on collagen structures? Can a product support treatment of atopic dermatitis or psoriasis as basic care or does it even have a pharmaceutical benefit? LC-OCT can be used to answer these and many other questions. In addition, the method offers an ethical alternative to conventional biopsies.


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