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Covid-19 News, SGS proderm

Currently, brands and companies are uniting under the hashtag #ZusammenGegenCorona (#togetheragainstcorona) in a viral vaccination campaign, which was launched with the aim of supporting the vaccination campaign of the Federal Republic of Germany and motivating people to vaccinate. To this end, brands and companies have temporarily adapted their brand appearances and/or slogans.

We support this campaign with full conviction. We firmly believe in vaccination, in the scientific processes underlying the development of vaccines and in the clinical trials used to evaluate these substances. We have confidence in the institutions and agencies involved in the approval process, and we thank all those who make vaccination possible and those who make use of the vaccination offer.

In this respect, as part of this campaign, we are turning 'proderm' into 'proImpfen!" ('Impfen being the German word for vaccinate) , calling on other brands and companies to join this campaign. In addition, we want to encourage those who have not yet taken up their vaccination offer to vaccinate. Let's fight the pandemic together.


proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS