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This will be a virtual conference. Details about the platform will be provided after completion of the registration.


The body's own protein 'collagen' plays a major role for the cosmetics industry for a variety of reasons: regulating skin hydration, reducing wrinkles and increasing skin tone are just some of the benefits mentioned in connection with collagen in cosmetic products and food supplements.


In this webinar, we would like to provide background information on this important protein and answer the following questions, among others:

  • What is collagen anyway? Where is it found and why is it so important for the cosmetics industry?
  • How does the collagen structure of younger people differ from that of older people, why is this so and what external characteristics are associated with it?
  • Which environmental influences and behaviours affect the skin's collagen?
  • Which products claim positive effects on collagen?
  • Which methods can be used to study these effects and how do these approaches differ from each other?


Marianne Brandt

Division Manager Cosmetics



Collagens and skin ageing - background and test methods

Webinar on demand - Collagen and skin aging

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