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What we can do for you

Our experienced in-house experts and regulatory affairs experts support you in an early or late phase of product development for medicinal products, medical devices, combination products, cosmetics, food, food supplements.

If you wish, we can support you in these steps:

  • Holistic advice in the context of clinical trials
  • Legal borderline issues between the different types of products in the health sector
  • Regulatory and clinical strategy
  • Advice in advance to studies to define optimal test strategies for the intended use and other claims
  • Claims strategies
  • Scientific advice

Why it makes sense to let us help you

With our support, you will be able to make and obtain an informed decision together:

  • Certainty and knowledge for a decision
  • Clarification of the project goal
  • Merging experience from different areas
  • Drafting a strategy for the project
  • Accelerated decision-making and thus relief in order to use time and costs more effectively

How we help you

In the workshop, which is specifically focused on your requirements and questions, we examine your concrete challenge and existing documentation to answer your specific questions. The workshop includes preparation, a summary of the results and takes between 3-6 hours and typically runs as follows.

  • Preparation of an agenda with milestones and goals
  • Involving experts and literature research if needed
  • Scheduling a date with all stakeholders (costumer side)
  • In the workshop: moderation and taking minutes
  • Recommendation
  • Favouring and reaching agreement
  • Written summary of the workshop with agreements or recommendations
proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS