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Picking the right wound model

In vivo models are useful as the pathology and physiology of healing, particularly in acute wounds, is identical to that found in patients. There are a number of wound models that can be accurate and representative research tools and proderm can help you with choosing the right model for your product.

Due to the difficulty in obtaining suitable volunteers with chronic wounds and incorporating them into a study, human acute wound models provide the best opportunity to understand the wound healing process and the performance of different products that aid and promote wound healing.
We offer a wide range of experimental wound models that allow for intra-individual comparisons of standardized wounds. These induced wounds heal with little to no scarring. Different wound models reflect the different kinds of wounds we see in real life. Here is a short, but not exhaustive list of wound healing models we regularly use at proderm:

  • Abrasion model
  • Suction blister model
  • Razor burn model
  • Scratch model
  • 1st degree burn model
  • CO2 Laser model
  • Punch biopsy
  • Shave biopsy

All of these mimic different real life types of wounds or skin barrier disruptions we can use to assess your products efficacy for different wound healing scenarios.

The suction blister model is not only an effective wound healing model, but also can be used to retrieve tissue fluid and samples of detached epidermis!

In the video below you can take a peek at how our technicians expertly setting scratches for the scratch patch model!

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Case study

At proderm, suction blister studies are routinely used in clinical trials with great succcess as described in the following case study.

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