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Geplante Seminare Academy
Hamburg / Deutschland

This course will cover the most important statistical principles needed in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry in a concise
yet comprehensive way. Restricting theory to the minimally needed, all ideas will be illustrated on practical problems and typical
data. The focus is on correct generation and interpretation of statistical results as well as on common pitfalls and frequent mistakes
during planning and analysis of a study.


  • Getting an overview of statistical issues from the first idea of the objective to the final report
  • Focus on typical data resulting from cosmetic, dermatologic or ophthalmologic studies
  • Ideas and pitfalls in statistical planning of studies, e.g. development of questionnaires, randomization, sample size calculation
  • Gain an understanding of the concept of statistical testing in dermatological studies including illustration of terms like significance,
  • p-value, and statistical power
  • Choosing the correct statistical method for specific data and concrete research questions
  • Practical and interactive examples taken from real data
  • Twice daily exercises to apply the learned issues
  • Special presentation for individual frequently asked questions of the participants

„The best statistics course I have ever been to.“


„Excellent speakers and very clarifying presentations.“


Preliminary program

Day 1

11:15 am Welcome & introduction of speakers
11:30 am Why do we need statistics in dermatological studies?
12:00 am Understand the language of statistics
12:30 pm Exercise: Let's talk statistics
1:15 pm Lunch break
2:30 pm What exactly is normal?
3:00 pm Statistically significant - myth uncovered
3:45 pm Coffee break
4:00 pm Pecha cucha: What is our study objective?
4:15 pm Exercise: sample size calculation
4:30 pm Basic concepts of randomisation in dermatology
5:30 pm Shuttle Bus to proderm

Day 2

8.45 am Statistics for pairs I
9:30 am Exercise: Testing paired data
10:00 am Statistics for pairs II
10:45 am Coffee break
11:15 am Exercise: How do we choose the correct test?
11:45 am Multiplicity
12:25 pm Top 10 mistakes of statistical results and false interpretations
12:45 pm Lunch break
1:45 pm How to design a questionnaire efficiently
2:30 pm Frequently asked statistical questions
3:15 pm Top 10 lessons learned,
Feedback and end of seminar

Waiting list

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