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Publikation Reduction of residual topical diclofenac in waste water by a wiping procedure before hand washing

Bielfeldt, S., Urquhart, D., et al.



Publikation New methods for assessing secondary performance attributes of sunscreens suitable for professional outdoor work

Rocholl, M., Weinert, P., et al.

Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology


Publikation Multi parametric biophysical assessment of treatment effects on xerotic skin

H. S. M. CJ. et al.

Skin Health and Disease


Publikation Targeted dry skin treatment using a multifunctional topical moisturizer

Stettler H., Crowther J.M., et al.

Int J Cosmet Sci


Publikation Adapting epicutaneous patch testing protocols to assess immediate-type skin reactions

Mehling A., Benard S., et al.

Int J Cosmet Sci


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