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Covid-19 News

With a sophisticated hygiene and safety concept, which we have developed taking into account the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the legal requirements, we are fighting the pandemic and protecting the health of our employees, subjects and partners. It includes a pandemic plan, an extended hygiene and safety plan, and a guideline for the use of an antigen test. It also provides for the company-wide application of AHA-L rules, which means:

  • Persons must keep their distance from each other
  • Extended hygiene measures must be applied
  • Mouth and nose protection must be worn
  • Rooms are to be ventilated regularly

In addition, access controls apply at proderm for employees, external visitors and study participants: 

  • 3G in the workplace for staff
  • 2G / 2G+ for all subjects in cosmetic and pharmaceutical studies

Furthermore, the installation of pandemic officers is part of our concept. These continuously review the concept with regard to changing conditions and adapt it if necessary.


proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS