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Itching for your product

At proderm we are committed to safe and effective products, be it in consumer care or medicinal products and medical devices and we will find the right test for your requirements.

A typical example of a claims support test for a consumer care product that claims to alleviate pruritus in individuals with atopic dermatitis could look like this:


32 female or male (or larger panels)

Regular itching sensation due to atopic dermatitis
Visits Day 1, day 18
Assessments and Times

Itching evaluation

- Starts between day 1-3

- Itch relief  after 1st application

- Day 18

Starts when subject perceives a clear itching sensation

Over 2 weeks, twice daily at home

In this design, our panel would be patients suffering from conditions causing pruritus. Itch would be assessed by patients using a visual analog scale and patients are instructed to start using the test product at home after clearly perceiving itchy skin.

Still itching for more?

If you are curious to get more insights on 'anti-itch' to 'skin friendly' claim support presented by our COO Marianne Brandt, we recommend you the respective episode of our webinar series: 

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