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Together with GSK, we have examined the results of a clinical study on the investigation of diclofenac residues in wastewater after topical application. The publication, which has already been published online, appears in the April issue of the journal Chemosphere.


The aim of the study conducted at proderm was to determine the proportion of the active ingredient in the wastewater after application of a gel containing diclofenac and subsequent hand washing. The study includes a pilot study with 12 subjects and a main study with 24 subjects.

With regard to cleaning the hands, two procedures were compared: with and without wiping the hands with a paper towel between application and washing. The data of the pilot and main study were first analysed separately and then together. The analytical determination of diclofenac was carried out by means of 'reverse phase-liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry' (RP-LC-MS/MS).

The publication shows that wiping hands before washing them can reduce the amount of diclofenac in wastewater by up to 70 %. You can access the publication via the following link:

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proderm is now part of SGS proderm is now part of SGS