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This will be a virtual conference. Details about the platform will be provided after completion of the registration.


The investigation of product effects on the eye can be based on a wide variety of motivations: Ophthalmological studies with cosmetic products, for example, often pursue the goal of proving the 'tolerability' of the product. On the other hand, tests with medical devices or medicinal products usually focus on the topic of 'efficacy'.

In this webinar, we would like to shed light on the different perspectives of ophthalmological studies and thereby address the different testing approaches of the segments cosmetics, medical devices and medicinal products. Our ophthalmologist Dr Kirstin Deuble-Bente, together with Sandra Bleckwenn from the SGS proderm Business Development Team, will discuss the aspects mentioned below in the one-hour webinar.


  • Anatomy and examination of the eye
    • Subjective and objective assessments
    • Methods / devices
  • Which products can be tested in clinical studies?
  • Recruitment of patients and subjects
    • Patients with eye diseases (allergies, dry eyes, glaucoma, inflammations in and around the eye)
    • Subjects with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers
    • Children and babies, diabetics
  • Study designs
    • Ophthalmologic use tests (application around the eye).
    • Eye instillation tests (application in the eye), 'No Tears' test
    • Efficacy studies
  • Product claims: ophthalmologically approved, 'No Tears'.
  • Questions and answers

Who is the webinar for?

Participation in this webinar is particularly interesting for manufacturers of the following products:

  • Decorative cosmetic products such as mascara, kajal, eye shadow, make-up, etc.
  • Eye and face creams, eye pads, eye masks, etc.
  • Cleansing products such as wash lotions, shampoos, make-up removal products, wet wipes, etc.
  • Sunscreen creams and sprays
  • Contact lenses and glasses
  • Eye drops, ointments and sprays, e.g. for dry eyes
  • Antibiotic and anti-allergic eye products
  • Medicines for glaucoma (green star)

Participation in the webinar is free of charge.


Sandra Bleckwenn

Key Account Manager Medical

Kirstin Deuble-Bente

Head of Clinical Investigations



Investigation of ophthalmologic product safety and efficacy

Webinar on demand - Ophthalmologic product safety and efficacy

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