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SGS proderm has expanded its range of services for proving the effects of anti-aging products through the in-house developed parameter 'Collagen Attenuation'. With the imaging method 'Line-field confocal optical coherence tomography' (LC-OCT), the collagen structure of the skin is examined and product effects are visualized.

The LC-OCT method is a highly innovative measurement method that combines the two high-performance technologies, Confocal Spectroscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography. The method allows fast and precise measurements in µm resolution, which allow both a horizontal and vertical view into the upper skin layers and make product effects directly visible in the living skin.

The research team at SGS proderm has investigated to what extent the LC-OCT method, implemented in 2021, can document age-related collagen degradation using images and whether the method is suitable for proving anti-aging product effects.

Proved method suitability

In a pilot project, images of the upper dermis of 43 male and female subjects aged 7 to 70 were taken and the collagen content was determined by image analysis. This showed an age-related decrease in the density and reflectivity of the collagen. The aged collagen was increasingly embedded in dark, non-reflective structures, apparently water.

The good correlation with the dermal water content, which was measured in parallel with confocal Raman spectroscopy, proved the suitability of the method or the parameter 'Collagen Attenuation' for proving anti-aging product effects. Manufacturers of anti-aging products thus have the opportunity to examine the effect of their product on collagen synthesis quickly, precisely and non-invasively in the upper skin layers using the innovative imaging method.

Since frequently used methods such as clinical photography or skin profilometry focus on the surface of the skin, LC-OCT represents an excellent addition to the SGS proderm method portfolio.

Download our IFSCC-Poster

The results of the method establishment were presented by SGS proderm in the form of a poster at the IFSCC and were awarded as Innovation of the Year in the category 'Testing & Analysis' at cosmetic360 this year.

We have listed in our "Anti-Age FactSheet" which additional methods should be used for specific inquiries. The FactSheet can be requested via the contact form mentioned below.

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